Based on the technical support of Suzhou Technology University and Zhejiang Technology University,Kosa Environmental Protection continues to conduct basic research and development in the field of purification and filtration.While introducing advanced production equipments,our company vigorously introduces and cultivates professional and technical talents,as well as its strong technical strength ensures the excellent quality of Kosa products.Kosa Environmental is based on the local and go for global.In the past development,the production is strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and international advanced technical standard.At the same time, with open mind and global vision,the company not only has long-term and close cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises,but also with the Americas, the Middle East,Eastern Europe and so on international customers in various fields,have extensive and close business strategic partnerships,and have maintained friendly and mutually beneficial partnerships with world-renowned consumables manufacturers.
Become distributors for many international well-known manufacturers.Relying on a global sourcing network,Kosa Environmental reduces its operating costs with its highly efficient international standard management approach, bringing true affordable to consumers. Through a series of strategic adjustments and reforms and restructuring,the complete supply chain enterprises covering all aspects of water treatment and dust removal have initially formed.It has a sales network and business structure in major cities across the country,and has spread across the globe to many countries.