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Can Novel Coronavirus Be Prevented by Wearing a Respirators?

Common respirators are as follows: ordinary cotton respirators, disposable respirators (such as medical-surgical respirators), N95 respirators.

Disposable respirators (medical-surgical respirators)

It can prevent respiratory tract infection to some extent, but it can't prevent haze.

 Medical-surgical respirators have three layers, from the outside to the inside are waterproof layer, filter layer, and comfortable layer. The comfort layer is a layer of non-woven fabric. When wearing, the white non-woven fabric is facing in, the blue waterproof layer is facing out, and the side with the metal sheet is facing up. Do not wear it backward. After the rubber band is hung on the ears, pinch the metal sheet to fit the nose, smooth the cheeks, and try not to leave a gap between the respirators and the face.

When purchasing, we should choose the respirators with the words "medical-surgical respirators" clearly marked on the outer package.


It can effectively prevent respiratory tract infections and haze.

N95respirators is one of nine kinds of antiparticle respirators certified by NIOSH (National Institute of occupational safety and health). "N" means the particles that are not suitable for oil (the oil smoke produced by cooking is the oil particles, while the droplets produced by people's talking or coughing are not oil particles); "95" means that under the detection conditions specified in NIOSH standard, the filtration efficiency reaches 95%.

N95 is not a specific product name. As long as the product meets the N95 standard and passes the NIOSH review, it can be called "N95 respirators".

The biggest characteristic of N95 respirators is that it can prevent the droplet infection caused by the splashing of body fluid or blood. The size of the droplets is 1 to 5 microns in diameter. OSHA requires medical workers exposed to TB bacteria to wear respirators above the N95 standard.

Compared with medical surgical respirators, N95 respirators is better in sealing. When choosing N95respirators, try to choose N95 respirators without a breathing valve.

 Ordinary cotton respirators
The material of ordinary cotton respirators may be cotton, gauze, wool, canvas, and velvet, etc. because the material itself is not dense enough, it cannot prevent infection.

KOSA Medical Department provides the best fabric for face mask. If you need any, please contact us.

Can Novel Coronavirus Be Prevented by Wearing a Respirators?