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Is Polypropylene Fabric Waterproof

Brief introduction: polypropylene fiber is a kind of petroleum processing and product processing material. Its waterproof effect is very strong. It is not only very fine in production, but also brings us a lot of convenience. How much you know about using polypropylene fabric to reach waterproof purpose? Here we take a look at the waterproof construction process of polypropylene fabric and other related introductions.

Waterproof construction technology of polypropylene fabric:

First: during polypropylene fabric waterproof construction, temperature should be adjusted to room temperature. Directly using cement and cement glue which need composite coil and other base connection, the construction process will be more convenient, effectively reducing the labor intensity of workers. In addition, the pollution to the environment will be greatly reduced, increasing the wage efficiency.

Second: the construction technology of polypropylene waterproof coiled material is sticking, so the uniform deformation of the complete composite coiled material will not influence too much. In some relatively small structures, it is bonded with waterproof cement, which can greatly improve the connection degree.

Third: the polypropylene waterproof layer has a very simple structure, not changing due to seasonal changes. And it has good stability and no pollution to the environment.

Fourth: polypropylene waterproofing membrane needs special production technology in special parts. Special attention should be paid to the position of the composite coil. If not handled properly, it may lead to mouth opening, falling off and other phenomena.

Fifth: the construction of polypropylene waterproof fabric at internal and external corners must be careful, it must be strengthened to its additional layer, and it must be constructed and inspected many times.


Is Polypropylene Fabric Waterproof