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The Advantages of Non-woven Masks

Can non-woven masks prevent smog?

The most common is medical disposable three-layer non-woven masks. Many people choose it because they think that since it is medical, it can definitely prevent PM2.5. Whether it really works or not is up to the test.

I believe that through recent publicity, you are familiar with 3M's two kind of N95 masks: 1860 and 8210. The protection of N95 is also quite reliable. Of course, as a professional protective mask, blocking PM2.5 is not a problem. But there are still some misunderstandings. And what is N95 is still unclear. Popularize it here. When choosing a mask, it is not better to choose a higher level. The higher the level, the greater the resistance to breathing and the more difficult to breathe.

N95 has a blocking rate of more than 95% for 0.3 micron particles, which is just right for our daily protection of PM2.5. As for R and P, they are not very useful to us. No matter how high-level they are, they are actually not useful to ordinary people. According to the above standards, you will find that although ordinary medical masks and daily masks will filter PM2.5 to a certain extent, they are like large mesh sieving sand. Although some things were sifted out, most of them came into our bodies through masks. Because the mask aperture is too large and the PM2.5 particles are too small. The design of medical masks is mainly antibacterial and anti-fog, and it does not consider anti-micro particles at all. In daily medical treatment, killing interventions are performed for infectious diseases such as SARS and avian flu, because the viruses are relatively small, and medical masks cannot provide isolation. In addition to wearing protective clothing, N95 masks are also essential.

What are the advantages of non-woven masks?

There are two types of non-woven masks. One is made of pure cotton degreased gauze or knitted fabric, with various non-woven fabrics between them; the other is made of non-woven fabrics directly.  Now the latest product is a non-woven material on the front and back, and a layer of filter paper will be sandwiched in the middle, so that the filtering effect of the non-woven mask can be improved. What are the advantages of non-woven masks?

The reason why non-woven masks are favored is that it has the following advantages: non-woven fabrics have good air permeability, and they have better air permeability than other fabrics.  And if filter paper is mixed in the non-woven fabric, its filterability will be better. At the same time, non-woven masks have higher heat retention than ordinary masks, and their water absorption and water resistance are good. In addition, non-woven masks have good stretchability. Even if it is stretched left and right, it will not appear messy. It has a good feel and is very soft. Even if it is washed many times, it will not harden under the sun. Non-woven masks are highly elastic and can return to their original shape after long-term use.

However, it also has certain disadvantages: Compared with other woven fabric masks, non-woven masks have lower strength and durability, and they are not easy to clean. If the masks are not properly maintained, the masks are easily torn.

KOSA Medical Department provides the best non-woven mask making materials. Welcome to consult.

The Advantages of Non-woven Masks