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What Filter Materials Are Used for Dust Masks

Different dust masks use different filter materials. On the one hand, the filtration effect is related to the particle size and also affected by whether the particles contain oil or not.

Dust masks are usually classified according to filtration efficiency and whether they are suitable for filtering oily particles. Oil-free particles are dust, water-based fog, paint fog, oil-free smoke (welding smoke), microorganism, etc. Although the filter materials of "non-oil particles" are common, they are not suitable for oil particles. Such as oil mist, oil fume, asphalt fume, coke oven fume, etc. The filter material suitable for oil particles can also be used for non-oil particles. The following quick Yuda for you to introduce the dust mask filter cotton material classification and filter performance.

1. Synthetic fiber filter cotton
Synthetic fiber filter cotton can replace non-woven fabric and glass fiber in general filtration environment, covering coarse, medium and high-efficiency filtration products. It is a new type of filter material and the main development direction of filter material in the future.

Compared with other filter materials of the same grade, it has the advantages of small resistance, lightweight, large capacity, environmental protection, incineration, and moderate price. The industry is called chemical fiber, which is divided into large chemical fiber and small chemical fiber. Large chemical fiber refers to the polyester fiber produced by high-quality PET chips, while small chemical fiber refers to the fiber produced by recycled PET chips with poor quality.

2. Non-woven filter cotton
Nonwoven filter fabric, scientific name polyester fiber, commonly known as non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric has the characteristics of wide use, mature technology and good stability. It is a typical filter material for the initial, medium efficiency plate, and bag filters in China. Compared with other filter materials of the same grade, it has the advantages of stable quality, large dust holding capacity, strong moisture resistance, long service life, economy, and durability. In recent years, the appearance of composite non-woven fabric has greatly improved the cheap and low-end image of non-woven fabric, which can be used for filtration in places with relatively high air cleanliness requirements.

3. Glass fiber filter cotton
Glass fiber filter cotton is mainly made of various glass fibers with different thicknesses and lengths by a special process. Glass fiber has the characteristics of stable performance, high-temperature resistance, high efficiency, large capacity, and long service life. It is widely used in the primary filter, high-temperature resistant filter and high-efficiency filter of the general ventilation system, and places and environments with high requirements for air filtration.

4. Activated carbon filter cotton
Activated carbon filter cotton refers to synthetic fiber after carbon impregnation and glue treatment. Because the function of activated carbon is to remove the peculiar smell, the filtration efficiency is not emphasized. Generally, it must be used with independent primary and intermediate efficiency filters.


What Filter Materials Are Used for Dust Masks