SGZW Level Clean Bench

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SGZW Level Clean Bench




SGZW Level Clean Bench

KW series mini-type level clean bench,It is used for the partial high clean
requirement in workshop and lab.
It is adopted the srper thin air filter without clapboard to minimize the size of
structure.The clean bench is matched stainless steel table-board and glwss on sides.
It makes the workanound roomy and bright.We adopt send-off wind system that
the air velocity is adjustable by touch the switch lightly,shich makese the wind speed perfect
The pre-filter that with biy wind speed is cinvenient to take down.It is not only protect the HEPA filter's life and also ensure the wind velocity.
Level air currect,Opened desk type.and convenient opreation.

1.Control panel
2.Electical outlet
3.HL prefilter
4.Fluorescent light
5.HL hepa filter
6.Stainless steel table-board
7.Centrifugal fan
8.Adjustable underprop
10.8mm glass

Model LC-1 LC-2 LC-3
External size 960*780*1500 1200*820*1500 1500*900*1500
Internal size 940*600*600 1180*600*600 1480*600*600
Purification rank 100rank @ 0.3μ(U.S.A Federal standard)
Air flow 1200m3/h 1800m3/h 2300m3/h
Average velocity 0.3-0.6m/s
Filtration efficiency More than 99% @ 0.3μm H13-H14    
Power rating 280W 405W 490W
Noise ≤65db ≤65db ≤65db
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Light 20W*1 30W*1 40W*1