• The Kosa Environmental's electronic grade PTFE pleated membrane cartridges are high-purity, all-fluoropolymer liquid filter cartridges that offer ultra-low extractables for demanding applications in the microelectronics industry. The PFA-440HP hardware provides excellent chemical compatibility at a wide temperature range. Capable of filtering at micron ratings from 0.05 to 10 micron, the PTFE filtration media provides high flow rates at low pressure drops.

    Our customizable electronic grade PTFE membrane liquid filter cartridges are ideal for aggressive "wet-etch and clean" applications. An optional semiconductor rinse will deliver extraordinary product cleanliness at levels of TOC extractables below detection limits and metals extractables at less than 20 ppb total. Minimized ionic and TOC extractables are attained through the specialized UPW flush process to reduce the risk of short circuiting which can lower yields of wafers in the semiconductor industry. A wet packing option is available for easy wetting in aqueous applications. Configure the best electronic grade PTFE pleated membrane cartridge for your filtration application here!

    Key benefits

    High purity, all fluoropolymer cartridge

    Ideal for "wet-etch and clean" applications

    Maximum temperature of operating conditions of 264° F | 185° C

    Maximum differential pressure 60 PSID

    Optional semiconductor rinse to reduce the risk of short circuiting

    Wet packing option available

    Common Applications: Acetic Acid (10%), Hydrogen Peroxide (30%), Hydrofluoric Acid (50%), Phosphoric Acid (conc.), Nitric Acid (conc.), Sodium Hydroxide (conc.), Ammonium Hydroxide (conc.), Sulfuric Acid (conc.), Potassium Hydroxide (conc.), TMAH (5%), Aqua Regia (HNO3:HCl), BOE; NH4F:HF, ChromPhos Etch, Mixed Acid Etch, Piranha Etch, etc.


    Disclaimer: This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

    Additional Information Material PTFE  
    Size 10" (25.4 cm)  
    Micron Rating 0.1 Micron  
    Case Pack 6 ea.  
    Case Dimensions 7" x 10" x 14"  
    FDA Approved Yes  
    Dimensions 2.7" Dia. x 10" L  
    Country of Manufacture United States  
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    liquid filter bag http://www.kosafiltration.com/2_7_x_10_Electronics_Grade_0_1_Micron_PTFE_Membrane_Filter_Cartridge_w_Fin_End_Cap__Encapsulated_Viton_Gasket_1495.html