Polypropylene (PP) Melt Blown Filter Cartridges Grooving Slotting Machine Euipment Groove Cutter

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Polypropylene (PP) Melt Blown Filter Cartridges Grooving Slotting Machine Euipment Groove Cutter




Polypropylene (PP) Melt Blown Filter Cartridges Grooving/ Slotting Machine/Euipment/ Groove Cutter

Model No.: SIIC-M026-G

SIIC-M026-G polypropylene (PP) melt blown filter cartridges grooving/slotting machine/equipment/groove cutter is special machine for making melt blown filter cartridges with deep groove.


Application: specially used for melt blown filter cartridges’ surface treatment- grooving. Widely used in melt blown filter cartridges making and manufacturing in liquid filter cartridges manufacturer/plant.


Specification & Features:

/Use removable multi-blades group design, after putting filter cartridge into the feeding position, grooving will be done automatically.

/Perfect working performance: uniform groove sizes, beautiful and smooth outlook, burr free, fast grooving capacity.

/Blades are treated with nitriding process, with good wear resistance and fatigue resistance. So that the cutting grooves effect of the melt blown filter cartridges can be ensured for long time.

/Can be used separately, and can be also used as one part of automatic melt blown filter cartridges production line and do grooving online to save labor cost and turnover cost.

/Perfect safety protection: the equipment is with safety projection housing to protect worker’s safety and reduce running noise.

/High degree of automation: the feeding, cutting groove and discharging of melt blown filter cartridges are controlled automatically. The feeding device can be connected with main production equipment of melt blown filter cartridges to form one smooth production line.

/Integrated waste collection system: using centrifugal turbine structure and high-density cloth, strong suction and effective filtration of dust, which make device in a negative pressure state. After the waste is generated, it will be sucked away so as to keep the workshop clean and tidy.

/Easy operation & replacement: using compound blades group design, single set of cutting tools is composed of multi-blades. Blades size and number or blades group can be changed according to exact requirement of cutting grooves. Operation and replacement is easy to handle.


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