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120 (inch) SS304 filter cages

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120 (inch) SS304 filter cages




120" (inch) SS304 filter cages

120" inch SS304 filter bag cages are special used in high temperature working condition, working with dust collector filter bag together.

Types: Round style/Flat style/Envelope style/Special style

Number of vertical wire: 8/10/12/16/20/24

Ring space: Ring spacing standard is 6 inch or 8 inch

Cage diameter: Cage diameters range from 4 inch to 8 inch

Wire thickness: Wire thickness ranges are 2 mm to 5 mm

-no corrosion

- no damage

-3-5 times longer life than other bag cage with steel

-economical maintenance (almost no maintenance required)

-prominent effect in removing dust from filter by pulsing

-easy to install

-no venturi installment required