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  • Control Valve Body Type:
    It has a lot of type but in general the main type that most used in offshore application is:
    Globe type. As per IEC 60534-1 the globe valve is defined as a valve in which the closure member moves in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the seat(s).

    This globe type control valve is preferred as first choice for any general service.  The main advantage of globe type is simple design, capability to reduce noise

    with special trim, anti cavitating trim, and also have a linear relationship between control signal and actuator response.

    The disadvantage of the globe type is a high production cost and slow response of an actuator.

    Butterfly type. As per IEC 60534-1 the butterfly globe valve is defined as a valve with a circular body and a rotary motion disk closure member, pivotally supported by its shaft.

    The shaft and/or closure member may be centered or offset. Butterfly type control valve are preferred to use in a water service, for example in the fire water pump application

    due to their high capacity of flow and their low production cost. The disadvantage of butterfly type is the cavitating that almost occur in the butterfly valve design.

    This cavitation will also lead to a noise problem that difficult to solve.

    The other type such as sliding gate and ball valve also widely used but its used for pressure regulator (sliding gate) and shut off valve (ball valve) since their trim characteristics

    isn’t as good as globe or butterfly type to modulating or control the flow.

    For the suitability of the Control Valve Body type consult the control valves manufacturers.

    They will provide any useful information and recommendation regarding the service condition and suitability.

    Example of globe valve:

    Example of butterfly valve:

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