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Is Non Woven Fabric Waterproof

Non-woven fabric is a kind of very good and degradable environment-friendly packaging material, which is widely used in our life and industry. However,the use range of pure non-woven fabric products is limited, if it can be made into waterproof non-woven fabric, the market will be greatly expanded. So what is the principle for non-woven fabric to have waterproof function?

In fact, strictly speaking, it is unrealistic to make non-woven fabrics waterproof and cannot be realized in the manufacturing process, because the materials of non-woven fabrics are generally leftover materials of cloth and other products, which belong to the category of cloth and do not have waterproof effect. Therefore, it needs later processing to develop them into waterproof non-woven fabrics with waterproof effect. Generally speaking, to make it waterproof, it is necessary to fuse it with plastic. At present, the processes we use are generally two processes: film-coating by pouring or film-coating by covering. In addition to non-woven fabric products, plastic raw materials are melted by film-coating process and then bonded with non-woven fabric. As a result, not only the service life of non-woven fabric is enhanced, but also it has waterproof function, resulting in a brand-new product-waterproof non-woven fabric, which we also call film-coated non-woven fabric.

Material characteristics of waterproof non-woven fabrics:

It’s light in weight, good in strength and waterproof performance, with strong compatibility and anti-ultraviolet performance of combinating with pigment ink. It can be used outdoors with coating and indoor for short term without coating. Made of pearl canvas material, it has soft and  natural-silk-like sensation and large ink absorption capacity with soft color. It does not reflect light, with good waterproof performance.  It usually applies to various indoor photo machines, using water-based ink which is a kind of pigment ink suitable for long-term storage.

Scope of use:

Waterproof non-woven fabrics are used for waterproofing of various portraits, posters and POP hanging pictures, commercial exhibition charts, banners and long-term signs, artistic portraits, wedding photography, commercial and civil use, interior decoration and studio background production, etc.

Is Non Woven Fabric Waterproof