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PP Non Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process

PP polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric is one of many kinds of non-woven fabrics. PP polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric is extruded and stretched by polypropylene to form continuous filaments. After the filaments are laid into a web, the web is transformed into a non-woven fabric through self-bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement. Excellent high temperature resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet resistance, high extension, good stability and ventilation, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity. PP polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric can be applied to air filtration, wallpaper, land protection, packaging, medical tape, swimming pool filter element, seawater desalination front-end treatment, cable, packaging, biomembrane technology and other fields. Polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabrics are widely used in various fields such as medical treatment and sanitary materials due to their simple production process, large output and innocuity to human body.

Imported PP polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabrics have achieved remarkable rapid development in the past 20 years due to their obvious advantages in terms of product performance and production efficiency among many manufacturing methods of non-woven fabrics. At present, about 40%~50% of non-woven fabrics are produced by melt spinning (including spunbond, meltblown and their combination). Youkefa provides various imported non-woven fabrics.

Simply introduce each process control point:

feeding - cleanliness

screw - temperature of each zone

spinning - filtered pressure, oil furnace temperature

cooling - wind pressure and temperature

draft - wind pressure

laying nets - evenness of nets, wire laying

hot rolling - pressure, temperature

winding - inspection and packaging

PP Non Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process