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What Are the Classifications of Mask Cloth Materials

What is material of the mask cloth? What are the classifications of mask cloth material? Masks are widely used in life. Different types of masks have different materials and functions. If you want to buy a suitable mask, it is necessary to understand the types of masks that cannot be made of materials in detail, so that you can choose your own mask according to the characteristics of the cloth. What is the material of the face mask? Generally speaking, there are the following:

1、 Cotton mask cloth. The main function of the mask produced by cotton mask cloth is to keep warm and prevent cold air from directly stimulating the respiratory tract. It has good air permeability, so it has no effect on dust prevention and bacteria prevention.

2、 Medical non-woven mask cloth. The mask made of non-woven mask cloth can effectively prevent bacteria, such as the spread of bacteria caused by sneezing, but due to the lack of fit, it can not prevent dust.

3、 Active carbon mask cloth has strong adsorption capacity and can effectively prevent bacteria and dust. However, if it is used for a long time, it may cause hypoxia, so we must pay attention to wearing time when using it.

4、 Dust mask cloth. As the name implies, dust mask cloth is mainly used to prevent dust.

5、 N95 and above type mask cloth N95 is a kind of dust-proof mask. N represents dust-proof and number represents efficiency. In today's smog-era, if you want to prevent PM2.5, you must use masks above N95 standard.

The types and materials of mask cloth are summarily the above. With the progress of production and manufacturing technology, the types of mask cloth are increasing, not limited to the above five kinds. Such as melt blown filter cloth is an excellent mask cloth.

What Are the Classifications of Mask Cloth Materials